Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit Workshop

Starts in 15 Days, 1 Hour

October 6, 2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Integration & Healing

This is not your normal Yoga class!!

Experience something new!

Mind through Chanting and Meditation ~ The opening experience takes you inward to awaken your Sacred Self!
Body through Asana ~ Touching lightly on Asana will get the energy flowing, preparing you for the big event of this workshop ~ Pranayama!
Spirit through Pranayama … This will be the core experience!

Pranayama as you’ve never experienced before!! Known as Integral Breathwork, or Holotropic Breathwork, the breath is used as the medium to travel ever deeper within, eventually transcending time and space to help you move into a state of Oneness. Come into alignment and open to unconditional love in its purest form…

FEEL deep LOVE, Peace, and Spiritual connection within!

Lynn Bos and Cheryl Wolf of Sacred Healing Journey will be offering this workshop at Garden of Yoga.

Let us introduce ourselves! We are psychotherapists at Sacred Healing Journey in Bourbonnais, IL who specialize in a variety of subtle energy healing techniques, mindfulness and meditation practices for meaningful holistic healing. We have been offering successful integrative workshops for years – our local clients love our offerings! Now is your chance to join us for this unique healing experience!

Event Description and Registration

Contact Us:  CherylandLynn@SacredHealingJourney.com

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