Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness Introductory Seminar

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You are invited to experience AGELESS GRACE BRAIN HEALTH FITNESS in a 4-Hour “Live” SEMINAR, hosted by Garden of Yoga in their beautiful studio. Peggy Kinst, International Ageless Grace Trainer/Educator/Presenter will be introducing you to the Ageless Grace 21 Anti-Aging Movement Tools in a playful atmosphere of movement and learning!

Come join us if you want to learn what Ageless Grace is, if you want to bring movement, fitness, and fun into your life, or if this is something your would like to offer in your facilities for your people, or if you just want to take 4 hours to become more fit and join other in learning about your brain and your body. WARNING: you may just love this introduction so much that you may want to take Ageless Grace classes or become an Ageless Grace Educator to begin certification to teach classes yourself! Everyone is welcome! No Fitness Experience is Necessary!

What is AGELESS GRACE: it is an Anti-Aging Fitness for Body and BRAIN Health based on NeuroScience, Movement, Mindfulness, and Music…21 FUN, seated Movement Tools that address the 21 factors of aging and will help you learn how to retard Dementia and what is needed to maintain lifelong, optimal Physical and Cognitive Function. Ageless Grace is for all ages, almost all abilities, anywhere in the world! Each Movement Tool will benefit a body part and/or a brain-related activity. Dress comfortably…you will be moving…and learning!

AGELESS GRACE 4-Hour Introductory SEMINAR ($55, At the door $65)

Saturday, January 14th, 1:00pm – 5:00pm .
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