17th Annual Summer Solstice Retreat

June 17, 2021

17th Annual Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat with Janet MacLeod, Jill Chandralekha Forger, Carol Nace, Kati Walker, and Kathleen Wright
CHANGE of the SEASON ZOOM RETREAT sponsored by Arsha Vidya Gurukulum
STREAMING LIVE via Zoom East Coast Time
June 17-20, 2021There are many wonderful things about the practice of yoga, not the least of which is how specific it is to time of day, age, physical/mental condition and season of the year. As we move into the summer season, this workshop will focus on how you have to approach the change of the season in a meaningful way. All offerings will focus on creating space around the heart center so your lungs can be nourished with the God-given gift of breath

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