Arsha Vidya Pitham Benefit Workshop

February 21, 2021

11:00 AM / 1:00 PM

Instructor: Janet MacLeod
Suggested donation: $25

Restorative Yoga Workshop streaming online.

Janet will teach a variety of supported asanas so that you will have the opportunity to relax deeply. The session will end with a long Savasana where breath awareness will be included. The class is suitable for all levels.

I am sure that many of you have enjoyed your time at the Ashram in Pennsylvania and like me, consider it to be a very special place.

Suggested Donation: $25.00 (please donate according to your means)

By Mail – Checks Payable to Arsha Vidya Pitham:

Arsha Vidya Pitham
PO Box 1059
Saylorsburg, PA 18354


By Phone- Call Vimala Sadasivam: (570) 992-2339 Ext. 1210

To register for the class, please send an email to:

Zoom link and list of props required will be sent by email February 20, 2021

If you are not able to take the class, please consider making a donation

About Janet – She has taught in the Iyengar tradition since 1980. She appreciates the technical skill in the system as well as the way the practice can be tailored to suit each student. She loves her profession and it shows!

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