Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach Online Training

October 13, 2022

Begin Oct. 13 with Rose Carol

Experience and Understand Ayurveda

This course provides professional training in a unique learning format to integrate knowledge with experience. You will learn to help educate and guide an individual to maintain their health and prevent future problems. Learn to determine a person’s elemental imbalances (Vata, pitta, Kapha) and help guide them back into balance using nutrition, lifestyle, Ancient Ayurvedic pranic healing techniques, and herbal remedies.

This online training course is for those wanting a strong foundation in Ayurveda as well as for those already familiar with Ayurveda but want to deepen their knowledge and experience with an option to audit. It’s also for those who simply want better health and spiritual growth. It’s aimed at counselors, coaches, busy mothers, massage therapists, teachers, yoga enthusiasts, or anyone wanting to offer simple and effective tools to aid themselves, family members, or clients’ progress and evolution.

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