Emotional Purification

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May 2, 2021 10:30 AM / 12:30 PM

Save the date.

In honor our dear Pats birthday and to follow in her Divine footsteps we will present Emotional Purification.

Pat and Kathleen taught this class each May until Pat retired from her official working years. This year Kathleen and Carol Nace will do their best to present the heart felt teachings.

In Pats words:

Emotional Purification

Emotional purification is the process of purifying one’s thoughts and emotions to prevent internal disturbances (from extraneous thoughts and sentiments) that may interfere with optimal functioning in one’s life.   The phrase “emotional purification’ can be translated into Sanskrit as bhaava shuddhi or bhaava shodhana.  It is a concept borne from the idea of “chitta prasadana” found in YS I-33:  making the mind a clear and pleasant place.