Start Your Personal Practice

November 4, 2018

1:00 PM / 3:00 PM

Instructor: Connie Zdenek

Cost: $30 in advance, $35 after oct. 27

Discover the joy and benefits of a personal yoga asana practice.

Over the years many students have told me why they can’t practice on their own. In this workshop, we will address these questions and concerns…

  • What should I practice?
    Learn asana sequences for beginning a home practice
  • But I’m so busy, where will I find the time?
    We’ll discuss the obstacles to practice and how to begin.
  • What if I do it wrong?
    The eight-limbs of yoga, of which asana is one limb, provide a guide for how to practice.
  • Who should take this workshop?
    Anyone who is familiar with yoga but does not have a personal, home practice.

Students who sign up in advance: No refunds after Oct. 27.

Email instructor at to sign up.

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