The Physics of Yoga

May 17, 2020

7:30 AM / 9:00 AM

The Garden of Yoga and Janet MacLeod Yoga of San Francisco present
The Physics of the Human Body with Paul D. Levine B.Sc., M.Sc.


The instinct for survival, as expressed through adaptation to Earth’s gravitational field, has shaped the physical structure of all creatures living on its surface. “The Physics of the Human Body” explores basic concepts underlying the dynamics of bipedal upright posture using Newton’s Laws. Developing a rudimentary intellectual under-standing of these concepts provides insight to this primal instinct. This conscious awareness can be applied in both yoga practice and everyday activities. Paul Levine escaped academia with a master’s degree in physics. He spent nearly thirty five years working professionally in science and engineering. Concurrent with pursuing his career Paul has studied martial arts and Iyengar yoga extensively. As a physicist he has always sought to reconcile the physical methodologies of the Eastern disciplines with those of physics.

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