Virtual Restorative Aroma Yoga

July 12, 2020

9:00 AM / 10:15 AM

Instructor: Meg Barber

Come enjoy the art of stillness with a supported restorative yoga practice. Join us to open space for wisdom and inspiration. We will create relaxation and healing at the deepest cellular levels. Using natural scents from mother earth, learn the art of revitalization through breath and supported hatha yoga postures. In this practice, we feature a different essential oil each month while incorporating Aroma Point Therapy treatments.

Sunday, July 12, we share a virtual practice. We continue our journey with what I feel are the go-to essential oils that I always keep with me. We will add blue tansey to the list just below lavender, helichrysum and black spruce.  Class is from 9:00-10:15AM CT.  Have some props available like a chair, a wall, a bolster (or couch cushion), strap (or a man’s tie), and a few blankets (or bath towels).

If you need some help acquiring quality essential oils, click here. Otherwise, bring what you have! I’ll make suggestions around fragrance energetics that can help you incorporate other oils into our practice.

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