Couple’s Breathwork & Intimacy Workshop

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Instructor: Stacy Pavich

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If you’re tired of the same boring date night options (Yawn: dinner & a movie), how about experiencing a workshop that will bring you closer together, spice up your intimacy, and carve out uninterrupted time for actually BEING together, without cell phones, kids, distractions, etc.?

Uplevel your standard date night with a ticket to our Couple’s Breathwork & Intimacy Workshop.

You’ll start by learning breathwork techniques to relax you, bring you closer to your partner, and heighten your bond. Then, share loves and gratitudes with your partner with our thoughtful communication exercise. And finally shower each other with devotion as you’re guided through a 5 senses full-body exploration sure to pamper you both with undivided attention and pleasure.

Honestly, how can chocolates even compare to supercharging your intimacy with breathwork and guided intimacy exercises?

What can you expect from our Couple’s Breathwork & Intimacy Workshop?
The workshop is divided into three parts:

1) Breathwork – Learn a number of partner breathing techniques to connect, de-stress and coregulate your nervous systems. (Perfect for beginners to breathwork)

  • Partner Awareness Breathing
  • Connective Eye Gazing
  • Collaborative Circular Breathing
  • Conscious Partner Breathing
  • ‘Open your Hearts’ Breathing

2) Communication Exercise – Sharing “Gratitude, Love & Appreciation”, in a new way, with your partner. Imagine an in-person, spoken, brings-tears-to-your-eyes Valentine’s Day card.

3) Five Senses Exploration – Using props provided, deep dive into the 5 senses to supercharge your intimacy, slow down and experience new ways to please your partner while cultivating mindfulness and full presence.

Important instructions for this class:

  1. Bring a blindfold or scarf (optional) for the 5 senses exercise.
  2. Please arrive on-time. Doors open 10 minutes prior, so come early to get set up.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing to allow for relaxed breathing. You will be sitting on the floor on a mat during this workshop. Chairs will be available if needed.

Limited spaces available. $75/couple. Register here.

This workshop builds intimacy and sensuality, but please note: there is no explicit sexuality during the class.

All couples are welcome.🌈 Gender neutral language will be used to create a safe space for all. Maybe you’re celebrating a 10-year anniversary or maybe it’s your 3rd date…this workshop can be just as potent, intimate and fun.

And don’t take my word for it, here’s what some previous participants have said:

“My partner and I attended Stacy’s Couples Breathwork session last week and it was sublime. We both enjoyed it immensely. Stacy does a beautiful job creating and holding the container while guiding everybody through the well curated exercises. And the best part was the seggs when we got back home!” – Matt K.

“My partner & I were fortunate enough to partake in one of Stacy’s Breathwork for Couples virtual offerings. During our time she shared gentle, trauma-informed guidance that invited my partner & I into a playful space of connection through activating all 5 senses. This woman has a gift & I am so glad she is sharing it with the world!” – Caitlin L.

“Stacy’s breathwork and relationship coaching has helped us individually and as a couple. Highly recommend her individual or group sessions! She’s very friendly and makes you feel comfortable in virtual or in-person settings.” – Cheryl F.

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