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Here are some of our favorite products from Chandika Pranic Herbal Formulas:

Soma Netra Eyedrops with Organic Rose
Vaidya Mishra was personally extremely pleased with these eyedrops. He called this formula Soma Netra Eye Drops with Organic Rose. Formulated to cool off and pacify alochaka pitta and instantly restore freshness to tired eyes, he made these drops for a dear friend who was having constant dry eyes and sties. Nothing he had tried had given him relief. He was desperate. He came to see Vaidya Mishra, and Vaidya formulated these drops for him and gave him a bottle. He had immediate relief. The drops were then sent out to other friends and colleagues and received hands-down positive feedback. Upon that, Vaidya decided to make these drops available to all his SVA followers.

Udan Vata Prasharak
Transdermal Support to clear and balance the Srotas of the Lungs 

Kantakari Cough Syrup
The formula is designed to nurture and nourish the overall structure of, the lungs for greater ease of breathing.

Immuno-Support Capsules
This formula helps to support the immune system when it gets challenged by lack of sleep, stress or the common cold or flu.

Rose Petal Preserve

Tulsi Tea

Organic Ghee

Mom’s Masala Spice Blend

Vata Abhyanga Oil with Magnesium and Vit D

Soma Salt

Traveller’s Samadi Roll-On Set

Rose Aroma Oil

Maha Saraswati Ghee
Garcinia Vata Masala
Mom's Chai
Shroto-Shudhi Masala
Madhur Sweet Masala
Maha Saraswati Ghee