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Yoga With Scoliosis

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This event finished on 01 February 2024

4-week class series with Teresa Heit-Murray

This specialty series is designed for students with scoliosis, a diagnosed asymmetrical lateral curvature(s) of the spine and rotation. Working with intention, students will learn how to adjust yoga poses for their specific curves. Practicing yoga with scoliosis can build strength, knowledge and potential pain relief, as well as build confidence and understanding. There is also potential to reduce your scoliosis curves.

Students will be led into poses to strengthen the spine and support areas of the body for healthy posture. We will work to reduce compensatory patterns.

Presentation of the latest science and thinking relevant to scoliosis, how the brain works, and current yoga teaching around scoliosis will be included along with yoga practice. Creating community and support for each other is another key component.

All levels are welcome, from new yoga students to teachers.

REGISTER:  teresa@heitmurray.com

FEE: $120/4 or $35/class drop in

Check or Credit card through Square. There is a 2.9% + 30 cents charge added for credit card transactions.

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