Zoom Class: Developing & Deepening Your Pranayama Practice

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This event finished on 22 February 2024

Five Thursdays @ 6 p.m. (Online) Starting Jan. 25

Pranayama is a bridge which aids the student of yoga in crossing from the realm of physical development towards Self-realization. — BKS Iyengar

Building on her engaging and popular 2-class series last December, senior teacher Kathleen Wright returns for a five-session online Zoom series focused on the practice of pranayama (i.e. conscious breathing). This practice is considered a powerful tool for directing the mind. The practice is clarifying and helps to generate and harness Prana.

Prana is not just the breath, but the energy. And breathing (pranayama) is the process by which you apply that energy to find out how deep that energy penetrates and percolates. — Dr. Geeta Iyengar

Intended for most levels of students and teachers, these sessions will continue to introduce the fundamental elements for safely preparing for, practicing and realizing the benefits of pranayama. Each class will begin with a savasana and will include both reclining and seated pranayama.

Class Requirements: Props for these classes include a bolster, 2 bricks, 2 to 3 firm blankets or towels, eye wrap or wash cloth, and a yoga strap. These sessions are intended for students with 1-2 years of asana practice.

Kathleen Wright is the founder and director of the Garden of Yoga, and cofounder of Yoga Circle and Wild Onion Yoga in Chicago and Bhavana Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda. She began her formal study of Yoga in 1974 and has taught since 1976. Kathleen began her formal studies of Yoga under the direct guidance of Swami Veda Bharati of the Himalyan Tradition and is a 1983 graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco’s  two-year, state-certified vocational teacher training program. Kathleen has studied in India with the Iyengar family, including B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar on many occasions and has been a nationally certified Iyengar Yoga instructor since 1983, and is also an experienced, certified Yoga Therapist and a Certified Ayurvedic Educator.

NOTE: the Yoga Horizons space WILL be open and available for those wishing to use the studio and view the session on the large monitor. Everyone should register in advance for these classes.

For maximum benefit, it is recommended that students do not eat for at least 2 hours before the class.

 As breath stills our mind our energies are free to unhook from the senses and bend inward. — BKS Iyengar

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