Yoga Sutras with Edwin Bryant Online

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This event finished on 08 March 2024

This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to study the Yoga Sutras with Edwin Bryant online.

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Jan 26:  Yoga Sutras 1.1-.4, Definition of Yoga.  Pre-Patanjali Yoga in the Upanisads and Gita, and references to Yoga in Vedanta and Nyaya.

Feb 2:  Yoga Sutras 1.5-14.  The five vrittis (states of mind) and the constituents of nirodhah (how to still them)

Feb 9: YS 1.23-29.  The Isvara verses with comparative glances at Isvara in the Gita.

Feb 16: YS II. 1-28.  The klesas, obstacles to yoga, and the actual (deep-level) cause of suffering.

Feb 23: YS. II. 29-55.  The solution to suffering: the eight limbs of Yoga

March 1:  Miscellaneous verses of importance from elsewhere in the YS text.

March 8:  Iconic pan-Indian Asthanga yoga stories from the Bhagavata Purana.